The Natura International Polska Foundation was established in 2008 with a focus on initiating comprehensive nature conservation projects.


The name "International" comes from one of the basic assumptions of the organization, which is building an exchange of experiences between nature conservation practitioners from Western and Eastern Europe - regions at different stages of transformation in natural environment, and at the same time offering different experience in the protection of natural resources. As it turns out, due to the progressive mechanisation in agriculture and climate change, the transformation of agricultural landscape habitats in Poland is closer to those previously observed in Western Europe. For example, the long-standing reserve-type conservation of wader birds that have been used in Western Europe is now needed to preserve this group of birds in Poland. The Foundation's ambition is to pass on these experiences to Belarus and Ukraine in order to slow down the observed effects of transformations in the agricultural landscape there.


Initially, the Foundation's strategy was to act as an initiator of nature conservation projects in partnership with larger non-governmental organisations in Eastern Poland, where the range and degree of transformation in the agricultural landscape was relatively small, so there was a chance to slow down their impact in the most valuable natural areas. The Foundation did not have any own funds and the members of the Management Board could not get involved in its development on a full-time basis. Initiating large projects for the protection of the most valuable natural areas in Poland yielded the biggest impact with the limited resources of the Foundation. As a result, four LIFE projects were developed and implemented with the participation of the Foundation with a total budget of over 9 million EUR (approx. 39 million PLN).


So far, the role of the Foundation in these projects have been research and strategic activities focused on conducting telemetry studies, habitat selectivity and food availability of great snipe, lesser spotted and short-toed eagles. Based on this research, the Foundation has prepared the National Action Plan for Great Snipe and the Nest-zone Protected Bird Species Strategy in the Lublin Region. In this way, the Foundation complemented experience of partners focused mainly on active protection.


Currently, we are carrying out a LIFE project aimed at implementing the first phase of the Great Snipe Action Plan, in which the Foundation has extended the scope of telemetry and habitat selectivity studies to new types of landscape habitats, coordinates monitoring activities and the Action Plan Working Group. We are actively involved in the design of currently being developed agri-environmental schemes. The Foundation's task is also to develop a water management strategy for the Siemianówka Reservoir, which will have a positive impact on the water level in the entire Upper Narew River valley. For the first time, the Foundation is also involved in the land purchase, habitat restoration and reduction of predators to protect the great snipe.


The Foundation's strategy is to expand the scope of active protection in places of the highest natural values, together with other organisations, in order to introduce appropriate land use, water management and protection of breeding birds against predators. The goal is to create large partnership reserves, which will ensure appropriate nesting conditions, rarely found in river valleys and peat bogs, including the Biebrza Valley. At the same time, we are aware that we need to work on scientifically based systemic solutions, such as agri-environmental programs, water law or better implementation of Natura 2000 management plans.

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A few words about us

© Michał Korga

© Michał Korga

Our values and aims

Nature is the foundation of life on Earth; a condition for human existence, spiritual growth and quality of life. We believe humans have a responsibility to preserve nature for present and future generations that depend on their environment.


Natura International Polska contributes to the protection and promotion of natural ecosystems, while supporting the economic, cultural and social well-being of local communities.

Our work so far

Our approach

We have thorough knowledge and experience in nature conservation, both in Western and Eastern Europe, which allows us to build effective partnerships and exchange of experiences.

We work with representatives of various sectors, especially local communities, local governments, non-governmental organizations and research institutions, to support the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Catalysing project

We act as a catalyst for nature conservation projects, recognize problems and gaps in conservation efforts and try to solve them through mobilization and targeted cooperation.

Broad colaboration

Transfer of knowledge

Our people 

Michał Fabiszewski is involved in reviewing and lobbying legislative processes and local regulations affecting the conservation status of the great snipe population. Genius of GIS - prepares the layers and databases necessary to carry out activities in the field.

Łukasz Meina joined the Foundation's board in 2018. Experienced ornithologist and naturalist, he works with farmers on behalf of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Białystok. He is our eyes and ears in the field.

Michał Korniluk is a member of the board and is responsible for scientific and monitoring activities. He is currently working in the LIFE Great Snipe Action Plan project, which he wrote himself. A master of pizza making from which he probably draws his inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Daniel Piec is the founder and chairman of the Foundation. On a daily basis, he coordinates LIFE projects on behalf of the RSPB. He operates nomadically, lives in Great Britain, but at heart remains close to Polish nature.

Foundation Natura International Polska is registered in the National Register of Associations in Poland (KRS): 0000308204. VAT: PL5783045121. REGON: 280381278

Address: Żyzna 18/16, 15-161 Białystok, Poland. Tel: +48 58 7356529. E-mail: