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Projects are the main mechanism for achieving the Foundation's goals, because they bring the greatest benefits to nature with relatively little work to prepare them. This does not mean that the preparation of a large project takes several hours (here it is better to count in months), but it means that even a small foundation can change the situation of species and habitats in Poland, of course with the involvement of partners and other institutions. That is why we place so much emphasis on assistance in project preparation. So far, we have dealt with the recovery of species, especially great snipe and nest zone protected birds in eastern Poland. There are many more ways to achieve statutory objectives. If you have an idea or enthusiasm to prepare a project using the following nature protection mechanisms, please contact us:

  • Exchange of experience at national and foreign level
  • Training and educational activities and supporting volunteering
  • Participation in consultations and monitoring of legislative and executive activities at the national and regional level
  • Research

> Broader about project writing

We need colleagues from many specialized fields. Nature protection is a comprehensive issue and involves the use of many tools. Contact us if you want to expand your experience in the following areas:

  • natural inventories, with a special focus on ornithology, botany and invertebrates
  • technical assistance in conducting fieldwork
  • creating maps and databases in GIS, computerization and data analysis
  • preparing reports, desk studies and other types of work based on information compiling and processing
  • writing applications for co-financing of target projects from funds such as LIFE, Norwegian Funds, CKPŚ, NFOŚiGW or WFOŚiGW
  • conducting training and educational activities
  • fundrising, i.e. applying for funding from foundations, the business sector and private donors
  • widely understood marketing and PR (media, blogs, social networks)
  • web design, graphic design, photography and production of movies
  • support for administrative tasks for projects (preparation of funding applications, budget management, documentation and preparation of reports)

> Forms of cooperation

Do you dream of working in an NGO and want to do something good for nature? Unfortunately, a quick scan through the labour market will make you realize that there are very few offers. Graduation does not mean much, because almost everyone has a university degree, although it is not necessary if you are a specialist in a given field. What counts above all is the experience that is usually gained through volunteering. Paid work in small and medium NGOs becomes most often available after obtaining funding for a project and then the chances of getting a job by a volunteer colleague are much higher because they know the organisation, the project (which they often co-created) and the people involved. From the NGO's point of view, it also saves time on recruiting and training employees. This type of cooperation exists in all NGOs and that is why there are so few job offers. Let yourself known and get involved in our work. You have nothing to lose and at least you can gain competitive experience, improve your CV and do something useful for nature.

> Make yourself known

The Natura International Polska is a young organisation and does not yet have support of philanthropists, investors or any other source of financing for its development. We rely on the hard work of a limited number of specialists who often give their free time to develop innovative projects. Our operations are simple and effective, without unnecessary structures and bureaucracy. The foundation does not have an office, we use modern means of communication and most projects are written by people sitting in different cities and even countries. Location does not matter and there are more ideas than time to implement them. All our funds are intended for the statutory purposes of the Foundation.

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